Frequently asked questions

What are your regular walk in play hours?

Walk-ins are welcome during our regular business hours: 

Tuesday: 10AM-2PM

Wednesday-Friday: 10AM-6PM

Saturday- Sunday: 9:30AM-1PM (subject to change)

*check website for extended weekend hours*

Are socks required?

Due to cleanliness and hygiene More Fun With Bounce is a socks-only playground. Socks MUST be worn by adults and children at all times. Everyone is required to remove their shoes at the front entrance. Indoor slippers, shoes or entering barefoot is NOT permitted, socks are available for purchase if needed. 

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, waivers are required to be filled by a parent, guardian or care taker of children entering our facility. Entry of a child will not be permitted without full completion of a waiver.

Do you offer free wifi?

Yes! We provide free wifi throughout the entire facility.

How long may we stay and play?

You are welcome to stay and play for as long as you wish during our normal business hours. Except during March Break (2 hour limit).

Who is allowed to play in the play structure?

More Fun with Bounce's play structure is suitable for children ages 1-12. Adults and children over the age of 12 years of age are NOT permitted to play ALONE or WITH OTHERS in the play structure. Since safety is our primary concern we allow adults to carefully assist children that are unable or are afraid to be in the play structure on their own. 

Are there any activities catered towards toddlers?

 We offer a separate play area for toddlers 3 years and younger.

What is the Rule of Conduct for kids?

If any child is playing in a reckless or hazardous way to themselves and/or others they will be asked to take a few minutes to rest. We will work with parents to discourage hazardous or reckless behaviour. If this behaviour continues, our staff may ask you to leave for the day.

Are drop offs allowed?

All children MUST be supervised by parent(s), guardian(s), or care taker(s)

Can we bring outside food during drop in play?

You may bring lunch, snacks and beverages that are NUT FREE. Food and beverage CANNOT enter the playground and can only be consumed in the front entry area. Please limit snacks/ lunch to average quantities. 

How often do you sanitize the play area and toys?

We sanitize the play area and toys with eco-friendly products DAILY and have on-going sanitation during opening hours.

Are there groups or discount rates?

We offer rates for Daycares, Religious organizations, Mom Groups, Camps, School Spirit Nights, School Groups, PTA's and other large parties. We also offer 10 day entry passes at a discounted rate to our customers who wish to come to our facility regularly. 

How do I book a party?

You may book a party in person, by email or a phone call. You can make a reservation by providing a deposit by cash, debit or a valid credit card (visa credit or mastercard for phone reservations). We do not accept personal checks.

What is your refund policy?

Any deposit made is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Will I be able to downgrade my party package?

We do not allow downgrades after a reservation has been made. However, upgrades may be allowed based on availability.

Can we bring our own food?

We do allow outside food and non-alcoholic beverages for parties. We understand there are certain special cultural and dietary preferences but ask that all food is NUT FREE. (Heating devices are not permitted)

What is your alcohol policy?


A private event is booked and a valid liquor license is obtained and in place for service in our ADULTS ONLY LOUNGE;  only wine coolers and beer are permitted, no hard liquor allowed.

*Additional $100 rental fee for Adults Only Lounge*

How do I order a party pizza?

If additional pizza is required other than what is offered with your package, orders MUST go through More Fun With Bounce. NO OUTSIDE PIZZA ALLOWED (We offer Tonino's Pizza)

Can I bring a cake?

You are allowed to bring a nut-free cake! Please do not forget to bring a cake knife and candles.

Do we need to reserve a party room to have a party?

Yes, our policy is strict on NO WALK-IN PARTIES. No cupcakes, balloons, goodie bags or gifts are allowed in to the facility without a party room reservation.

What if I need more time for my party?

Birthday parties are scheduled for 2 hours. Additional time may be purchased based on availability at $60 PER HALF HOUR.

Will I be charged for an extra child?

Yes. You will be required to pay $18 per additional child.